How To Play Blackjack And Not Play A Point

In blackjack and poker, the winner is the one with the best cards, and not the one with the bet. As a consequence, the martingale method is useless and even harmful. It is the constant increase in rates in the event of a loss that is called one of the main mistakes of a beginner. You need to play online casino blackjack on one bet. The player must have at least 100 bets on his account (bankroll). Better than 1000. This will allow you to cope with the variance.

However, blackjack increases and decreases are applied, but not linearly. At the expense of different bets, the player must try to win as much as possible and stop the game. The most popular stalking system looks like this:

  • The minimum amount is bet.
  • If you manage to win, the maximum amount available for the bankroll is placed.
  • The maximum amount is played until the first loss
  • After a loss, the minimum is placed.

That is, when the card “goes”, play to the maximum, and when “does not go”, lose at the minimum. Using this strategy, you should play strictly according to your bankroll, not relying on 2-3 bets.

The dealer plays blackjack on a general basis. He rarely just deals his cards to the players. As a rule, the casino rules prohibit the dealer from taking cards after reaching 17 points. It is considered not rational. And this is so, the player also needs not to take cards after reaching 17 points. But if you have 12 points in your hands, then it is more profitable to take an additional card, even though 10 points is the most popular card in the deck.